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Days 1 - 100From 7 June 2013 until 14 September 2013 I made a doll in clay a day as part of the 100 Days Project:


Dollface – Marita Green exhibition: 18 Jan – 13 Feb 2013, Kina NZ Design and Artspace, 101 Devon St West, New Plymouth.

Mixed-media assemblages by Marita Green (1971), Ceramic, retro cake tins, found objects 2013
A selection of the works that were on show at Kina, New Plymouth.


Dollface exhibition, at Kina gallery, New Plymouth, 18 Jan – 13 Feb 2013

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Mother – Marita Green exhibition: 27 Oct 2012 – 11 Feb 2013, Waikato Museum, Hamilton.

Mixed-media assemblages by Marita Green (1971), Ceramic, retro cake tins 2012
Marita Green’s work asks us to ponder the  idea of mother as receptacle and protection but also looks at the reality of birth as an actual physical end  as the infant grapples with introduction to the world outside the womb.
She uses memory and infancy as major signifiers in her work.  The biscuit tin and her ceramic baby dolls are the signifiers that work together and in this odd relationship, the tin takes on a very catholic tabernacle kind of role, like a womb: it is considered a sacred and honoured space which can produce life. With life come exposure and vulnerability when no longer contained within the body of the mother.
(text courtesy Waikato Museum)

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New Mother’s Hope for The Art of Assemblage
ERUPT Festival, Taupo Museum 10 May – 12 June

57cm x 81cm x 8.5cm. Wall mounted.

  • Assembled materials:
    Electrical wiring (copper and plastic-coated);
    Cake tins (13);
    Metal buttons (4);
    Wooden sign.
  • Doll:
    Raku earthenware
    Romney wool sliver

Curated by Amanda Wright.

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