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Marita Green + 90 of  the 100 Dolls for 100 Childrens' Stories - Taupo Museum Jan 18 2014

Tony Carter Photography – Marita Green + 90 of the 100 Dolls for 100 Childrens’ Stories – Taupo Museum Jan 18 2014





Days 1 - 100From 7 June 2013 until 14 September 2013 I made a doll in clay a day as part of the 100 Days Project:

Dollface – Marita Green exhibition: 18 Jan – 13 Feb 2013, Kina NZ Design and Artspace, 101 Devon St West, New Plymouth.

Mixed-media assemblages by Marita Green (1971), Ceramic, retro cake tins, found objects 2013
A selection of the works that were on show at Kina, New Plymouth.


Dollface exhibition, at Kina gallery, New Plymouth, 18 Jan – 13 Feb 2013

The Art of Assemblage is a unique group show that highlights the significant artform of assemblage and how artists bring together real world mash-ups of reclaimed materials and found objects into 3D artworks.  The aim of this show is to promote public awareness of the quailty and dexterity of recycled/assemblage art while raising the question of the current obsessive consuming habits of our society.

Several award-winning artists join this show including Lauren Lysaght, Donna Sarten, Aaron McConchie, Andrew Hall, Martin Horspool, Luke Mills, Dale Copeland, Marita Green, Duncan Lesk and Bernie Hafleet.  We are delighted to include select works from the iconic Peter Sauerbier and the late Chis Meder.

Thanks to the Erupt Lake Taupo Festival who have brought this exhibition to Taupo

Join us for the official opening: Friday 11 May at 5pm


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New Mother’s Hope for The Art of Assemblage
ERUPT Festival, Taupo Museum 10 May – 12 June

57cm x 81cm x 8.5cm. Wall mounted.

  • Assembled materials:
    Electrical wiring (copper and plastic-coated);
    Cake tins (13);
    Metal buttons (4);
    Wooden sign.
  • Doll:
    Raku earthenware
    Romney wool sliver

Curated by Amanda Wright.

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To see each individual doll click on the Dolls at ROAR! button at the top of the page.
All works sold; 

We opened on Thursday night in the Wellington rain, but the devoted still came out. Thanks to Caryl McKirdy at ROAR for a humming evening; not without Connah and Fraser’s help. Also to the fine and generous artists of Pablos for being wonderful hosts keeping everyone refreshed. I had the chance to meet new people and re-connect with friends. I was  honoured to meet artist and academic Stuart Shepherd – a champion of Outsider (or Contemporary Folk) art in NZ.  A special thanks also to Louise Upston (MP Taupo) for making the time to come down the hill. It was a wonderful and memorable night, and I know it sparked a whole new set of future directions and connections.

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