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9 dolls in the exhibition Birthday Present at ROAR! Gallery, Wellington (5 – 21 May 2011).
All dolls sold (01 Nov 2011).

Each are made with ceramic head, hands and feet sewn to solid-felted arms, legs, body and crown. They are jointed at the shoulder and hip with a button joint, and the hair is rooted in using a felting needle. They are posable, and it is my intention for them to be picked up and handled.
Each doll lives in a wood and punched tin shrine that can be wall or plinth mounted. Dolls are approx 8cm high, box 22cm high.

Materials: Clay, porcelain, underglaze, oxide, wool, mohair, plant dyes, found buttons, found doilies, copper, jewellery components, Kowhai seeds, NZ flax, Rimu wood, found cake tins and platters, acrylic and oil paints, india ink.
Techniques: Sculpted, kiln fired, pit fired, needle felted, dyed, woven, sewn, soldered, hammer-punched, nailed.